Name: Audun
Instrument: 7-string guitar

Joining the band:
Jan Roger and I were already in a band called Panic when Mandylion asked him to do a gig with them in Oslo. They started practising at our place and each time I sat there listening, just for fun. Eventually I picked up my guitar and jammed along at low volume. They told me to turn it up, 'cause they had thought about getting a second guitarist, and they seemed to like whatever it was that I was doing at the moment. They asked of me to join this one gig too, and I did.
....I'm still stuck here!!!

Meshuggah, Opeth, Seigmen, Pantera, Fear Factory, Korn, Dimmu
Borgir, Sepultura, Black Comedy, Dream Theater, Slipknot, Minas Tirith,
Slayer, Cryptopsy, System of a Down and all other great bands out there...