Mandylion is all about melodic, groovy, hard-hitting metal emotions and energy. Anette Gulbrandsens deep soulfull voice on top of an energetic, tight band provides a breath of fresh air into todays metal scene. No genre limits exist and the songs emotions stretch from Pink Floydish soundscapes, via modern metal grooves and bits of extreme metal. Providing a red thread through the musical chaos is the haunting but crystal clear vocal lines.

So far the band has received euphoric feedback from people all over the world due to the demos being available on the bands website. A video for the song Nina taken from the demo Exorcise was made in co-operation with students at the Norwegian art academy Idèfagskolen. The video has received very good feedback and will be used to promote the band on TV and Internet. It is available on the bands website for download.

Mandylion has released 2 demos within their one year of existence. The latter one called Exorcise, released in the spring of 2003, sees the completion of the Mandylion lineup and the band is now ready to take it to the next level. The live debut in Sandefjord (Norway) gave a taste of what is to come. A band full of energy, dedication and hunger, with original songs that expands beyond the metal scene. Mandylion are set to play the Elements of metal festival (Norway) in august with bands as Evergrey and Green Carnation also on the bill. They also hope to play some concerts around Scandinavia in the near future before expanding abroad. The bandmembers has previously been involved in bands such as Sacralis, Old Mans Child, Rotting Christ, Peccatum, Dimension F3h, but now Mandylion has 1st priority for all the members.



The band has developed as musicians since their last effort, and this time they have also managed to get a production that is well above average for demo releases. 'Exorcise' consists of four tracks, and all of them are of good quality... It won't surprise me very much if this demo secures a record deal for Mandylion.
The Streets (Rating 8 of 10)

The four songs herein are professionally recorded with the requisite degree of warmth and clarity, the vocals are crystal-clear, spot-on in tune and strong...The songwriting has clearly been thought about quite a bit and the various sections of each song flow together very naturally... Exorcise is quite engaging and avoids pretty much all of the usual pitfalls afflicting this kind of music. Esoterica webzine

One quickly notices that this record is quite harder than the previous one. The record opens with the song Nina that has some heavy guitar riffs. Not revolutionary, but what a groove. A smooth change over to a nice piano theme before Anettes vocals kick in. And the vocals are doing the main job keeping them from other bands in the same genre. Anette delivers and does not have the classical opera voice one might expect, this is much rawer. The second song is called Rejuvenation and continues in the same vain as the first track, but even harder. The parallels one might draw towards goth metal in the first song are mostly gone here. A very pro change between hard-hitting parts with guitar riffs and really nice piano themes makes this a really enjoyable experience. The third song on the demos is the really high light. Here Mandylion have invited Narrenchiff (Ásmegin, Illnath) to add some male vocals. The refrain has an awesome groove and the balance between Anette and Narrenschiff`s vocals are prefect. This is no sloppy, sad Beauty and the Beast experience, so that is said. This one you have to play live, it will kick ass! Used you is the 4th and last track on the demo. This one is also the calmest track on the record. The song starts off mid tempo with keyboard voices with the recognizable drumming, where the cymbals are mixed closer than the vocals. This is really cool. When the production is so pro done the sound is very soothing with the vocals in the back and the instruments in front. In this case its like the vocals are floating on the music in the start and then becoming more present as the song progresses. I really like this! Awesome demo! Awesome band!

-Fan quotes

³Just saw the video and it's very very great!! I think Mandylion will go very far!² ³Fantastic website for a fantastic band. I see great things ahead for the band.² ³Wow, how does an unsigned band make such a great video... very impressive! Better than anything on MTV. ³

As of today, the members are:
Audun Aulie: Guitars
Nadja Alexandra Popp: Bass
Anette Gulbrandsen: Vocals
Jan Roger Halvorsen: Drums
Tommy Strand: Guitars
Yngvar J. Christensen: Keyboards