Anette Gulbrandsen

Instrument: Shure Beta 58A, Digitech Vocalist Performer

Starsign: Leo

I love: to sing, vegetarian food, Spicy food, garlic!! visit my Dad in Florida, the beaches there and the "Hot Topic" store for awesome clothing. People who fight for animal rights!!!

I hate: Asians and other people who treat animals badly!! Rap-metal! False and incincere people. Sea food. Religion

Haircolor: dark ash blonde

Eyecolor: blue-grey

Height: 1.78m

Bands I listen to: The gathering, Pantera, Satyricon, Emperor, Dead can dance, Zeenon, Pink Floyd, Aeternus, Static-X, Fear Factory (R.I.P), Lacuna Coil, old Tristania stuff, Cumshots, Limbonic Art and so many more!