As Mandylion
2002 - At death`s door
2003 - Exorcise
2003 - Cutting the edge (Edgerunner collection)

As Aphelion
2005 - TBA

Metal Hammer Germany, issue december 2003, demozone
Heroes of tomorrow: MANDYLION
Dark Metal

Already the the first time I listen to the second demo žExorciseÓ of the norwegian band Mandylion I sharpen my ears. The first song žNinaÓ of the total four songs gives the mini-CD a groovy start. The smashing twinguitars reminds one at once of the early The Gathering but the Norwegians let it rock faster and harder. Under the thunder of the guitarriffs lie decent keyboards while the dark voice of Anette Gulbrandsen rises powerful above all. In between the song gives itself some psychedelic pauses and just as dynamic changes the following žRejuvenationÓ between slow pianopassages and heavy guitars in mid-tempo. Afterwards starts žSpiritually DeadÓ aggressively with a growling male guestvocalist and then slides into a dreaming and light atmosphere before it`s suddenly gets brutal again with a modern staccato. The softest song žUsed YouÓ concludes the mini-CD and gives the listener an impression of Anathema with soft vocals and keyboard but at the same time there is hypocrisy-melodics dominating in the stringsection. Somehow žUsed YouÓ feels incompleted or unfinished since it leaves you with the wish for more. Even though thoughts of The Gathering or Madder Mortem pop up instantly, does Mandylion succeed effortlessly in giving their own mark and impression to this genre. The production is good but to reach finest results like topproductions in the league of Terje Refsnes (Tristania) or Hiili Hiilesmaa (Nightwish) the band lacks a recordlabel with potential. But in comparison with many other demo-bands Mandylion has the songs as well as they have the technical abilities to consider a studio-production like this. To come up in the toplist with Nightwish, Within Temptation or Lacuna Coil it needs still some time or one or another superhit but the young Norwegians have definitively the potential to become big.
Gunnar Sauermann

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